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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
30.10.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back to another update from the Forgotten Hope Mod team! I'm happy to announce that after a slight break we're going to be doing weekly news update in anticipation of the release of the next patch for Forgotten Hope. This patch will be fixing many of the bugs we've found in the previous release. However that's not everything, we're also going to be including new content, including 1 or 2 new maps, and several new vehicles and hand weaopns, plus a number of remodelled and retextured equipment! Every patch is another step forward in the quality level of this mod.

First up I'd like to present the redone Crusader Mk I British tank, modelling done by Omni and skinning by Aaron Ash. This tank is yet another of our early tanks that has been completely redone to match the high quality of the rest of our models and skins!

Our second model being presented today is the North American A-36A Apache, which was the first incarnation of the "Mustang". This dive bomber served in the skys over the African front and the Italian front, although it was later replaced by the P-51 mustang and the p 47 thunderbolt as they were better suited to the role. There were about 500 of these aircraft made by 1943.

Also if you hadn't noticed yet, we've begun updating the map section of the mod's webpage, this is still a work in progress, but i'm hoping to have it all completed by the next update to the news page. So head on over to our maps section and check it out, all of our current custom maps are in there.

That's all for today's news update folks, but stop on back next weekend for another update from the Forgotten Hope team! And a small reminder, there are less than 30 days left until all sumissions for our custom fan map pack are due in, so get cranking on those maps and send them our way!

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