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Posted by: Eat Uranium
19.08.2012 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we would like to show you a render of arguably the most important weapon of the Soviet infantryman. It is of course, the Mosin-Nagant M1891/30!

The Mosin-Nagant began its long life with a competition to replace the aging single shot Berdan rifles that equipped the Tsarist army. The winning design was Russian Captain Sergei Ivanovich Mosin's rifle, with the addition of the clip feed, magazine spring and feed interrupter of Belgian Léon Nagant's proposal. The original Mosin rifle was made in Infantry, Dragoon and Cossack variants.

Following the victory of the Red Army in the Civil War, the decision was taken to modernise the rifle. The M91/30 was based on the earlier Dragoon rifle, many of which were reworked to the new standard. Improvements included a hooded post front sight, flat rear sight marked in metres, and eventually a change from the octagonal "hex" receivers to round ones. By 1945, 17.4 million M91/30 rifles had been manufactured.

The M91/30 also had some success as a sniper rifle, fitted with either a PE, PEM, or most commonly a PU scope. The mounting of these scopes above the receiver meant that a bent bolt had to be fitted. The Mosin-Nagant rifles were made by Seth Soldier.

Our winners for this week's screenshot competition is Lupin. You can view the winning submission here.

We are now accepting entries for the week of August 20th. If you think you have the best FH2 screenshot, post them here.

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel, our public forums, and/or our Twitter and Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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