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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
17.02.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back everyone for yet another exiting update from the Forgotten Hope Team! I've just updated the downloads section to make it easier for people to find the right files to install for 0.5F and added a bunch of high speed mirrors, if you aren't patched up yet or couldn't figure out the installation now's your chance.

And now onto the fun part of todays update, revealing some more progress!

First up is the completed Japanese pilot helmet for the new pilot class to be introduced in 0.6.

And speaking of the pilot class I think it's time to address some concerns we've been hearing from the fanbase and explain what exactly this means for all you fly boys out there. This pilot class does not mean that only people with the pilot kit can jump into an airplane, anybody can still jump into any vehicle they want to, this is one of the things that makes battlefield such a kick ass game, and we would never want to do that. What this does mean however is that parachutes have been disable on all kits except specialty kits. Pilot kits are placed near airplanes on the runways and on maps which require paradrops (such as Market Garden and Crete) you can spawn as a paratrooper class which gives you your standard equipment and a parachute to cause some airborne havoc! This feature of Forgotten Hope was introduced in order to kill one of those long hated tactics inherihent to the game, and that's using fighers and bombers for quick transport to capture points. This feature has been well tested by our in house team of Beta Testers and has been quite effective in producing a new dynammic to the mod.

Next up for today is the redone Panzerfaust 30 and Panzerfaust 100, two different single use anti-tank weapons used by the Germans throughout the war.

And last but definately not least is for all of you naval commanders out there. Today we reveal the finished German Schnellboote, done by Messiah and AceS, three skins for this beauty and you'll see it on many of our naval maps.

That's all for today, but be sure to stop on by later on in the week for more from the team. Discuss This News In The Forgotten Hope Public Forums

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