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Posted by: Eat Uranium
27.09.2012 22:47 GMT

Hello and welcome back for a quick update concerning this weeks server files release.

We are aware that many server administrators have been having problems with our recent release of new server files. It should be noted that the files are a full version, meaning that they should be installed onto a clean server and not on top of an existing 2.45 server. We apologise for any inconvenience we have caused by not making this clear.

There also was a mistake in the initial release, where version control files weren't stripped out of the build (causing it to be over 800MB). Now the build is clean, if you want to be absolutely sure you have working files, without any unnecessary additions, just re-download the hotfix, it should be ~ 380MB now.

The updated server files can be found here.
NOTE: Unless you administer a server, you do not need these files to play FH2.

For those curious as to what has changed, they can see a short changelog here.

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