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Posted by: Mayhemic.MAD
14.12.2012 21:30 GMT

Hello and welcome to a very special update of Forgotten Hope 2!

Today is the 14th December 2012, which marks the fifth year since the release of Forgotten Hope 2.0. This is a long time in terms of gaming and especially in game modding.

Much has happened in these five years:
Three theatres of war comprising 4 major armies were created. Countless virtual soldiers got killed by our 139 ground vehicles, 24 airplanes, 30 guns and 110 hand held weapons. A mod of the year award was won and we saw many talented modders take part in the creation of all this.

But all the time and work involved was surely worth it, when we see all the fans who play on the servers every evening, discuss our new models and maps on our forums, help us with feedback and bug reports, or even just make up wild conspiracy theories about the next German Superpanzer.

Thank you for your support!

Stay tuned for next Sunday, where we showcase more of FH2's future!

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