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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
30.01.2004 22:00 GMT

As promised here I am again to enlighten you all about the fine world of Forgotten Hope. I'll start off just like last time with a couple short community type announcements.

The first thing of course is regarding the Battlefield v1.6 patch. So far it appears that the current version of the mod does indeed work under v1.6, although the scoreboard is not appearing ingame. So if you want to see your score you'll want to avoid installing the v1.6 patch. We'll inform you more as we find out more about the patch through testing and whether or not a hot fix will be necessary.

The second item of community news is another Forgotten Hope league. This time it's the Forgotten Hope Realism League, and you can find their site here, it's definately worth a look if you're interested in clan play. I've been informed that they have 4 clans running 8v8 matches at the moment, and are looking for more clans for their competitions, so don't be shy and check it out!

And now onto the part that you've all been waiting for these last few days, some more progress!

The first new item we have for you is the Wild Catfish. This is a seaplane varient of the Grumman Wildcat, completed by lobo and rad it's a grand addition to our seaplane force.

These next two renders tie into one of our new maps you'll see in 0.6, the new Stalingrad map which you saw in the video. If you didn't see the video with the new Stalingrad check it out here. These two new ships will ferry you to death, or to the motherlands victory comrades!


And finally we have eight ingame screenshots to display for you all. These shots show off the towable flak18 and also some of our new maps, including Arnhem, Stalingrad, and Carentan.




Well that's it again from the Forgotten Hope team, we'll keep you informed about the Battlefield v1.6 problems and see you again back here next week for some more progress on version 0.6!

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