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Posted by: Team
27.01.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome to Forgotten Hope (The Road To 0.6) Day 16. We have all been incredibly busy over the holidays with both real life and Forgotten Hope 0.6. Lucky for you all we have great news. We are currently compiling a 0.6 beta for our dedicated beta testers. Please do not ask to be a beta tester, all available slots have been taken. Sometime in the next week we will have a 0.6 video download, sporting game play with most of the new items we have been showcasing. Some of which are still too buggy or incomplete to be released to beta testers.

So what does this mean to me, you ask? It's simple, It means that FH 0.6 is closing in on your doorstep. It also means that FH 0.6 will be throughly tested for errors and bugs. Which (you guessed it), means smoother game play for everyone.

Be sure to check back soon to get a glimpse of what Forgotten Hope 0.6 entails.

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