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Posted by: Mayhemic.MAD
01.09.2015 18:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we are showing off a map that some of you might have already seen in one of our Dev Streams. It is of course Pegasus. This map was made by the talented Otolikos, and features several custom buildings such as the Château de Bénouville made by Toddel and the Horsa Bridge made by Gurdy and Nissi.

Of course, the most important statics for any map covering Operation Deadstick are the Bénouville Bridge (renamed Pegasus Bridge after the war) and the Café Gondree, both of ours made by Nissi. You'll be able to defend these by day, or capture them by night in the smaller 16 player layer.

The first objectives of D-Day were two bridges spanning the Caen canal and Orne river, codenamed "Pegasus" and "Horsa". The plan called for a glider-borne surprise attack in order to overwhelm the ill-equipped defenders as fast as possible. After this was accomplished, the paratroopers were to dig in and wait for reinforcements coming in from Sword Beach.

While this part of the plan worked well, the Germans reacted quickly and as the sun rose on the morning of the 6th of June 1944, tanks and armoured infantry of the 21st Panzerdivision closed in on the beleaguered bridgehead.

You can find the minimap and a preliminary vehicle listing here.

That's all for today, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel, our public forums, and/or our Twitter and Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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