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Posted by: BUG$
02.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Hello everyone! We hope you are not too startled by this special update. Today we would like to give you some more information about the progress of Fanmappack #2. So here is a list of the maps that have been sent in (only 22 because one had an 001.rfa so it showed 23 items in my folder).

- Alpine Assault
- Battle for the Scheldt
- Burma
- Chartres
- Crimea
- El Guettar
- El paso de los lobos
- Front Stalingrad 42
- Kanev
- King of the hill
- Nuenen 1944
- Nuenen
- Operation Sea Lion
- Operation Sylt
- Overlord
- Ramelle
- Road to Ramelle
- Tali Ihantala
- The Farm
- Tormenta de Acero
- Trois Points
- Villers Bocage

There is no winner yet but I can already inform you that Front Stalingrad 42 and Kanev have been disqualified because of using prohibited content (symbols or sounds). Maybe one of these maps will make it anyways if it is very good. We would remove forbidden content then in agreement with the creator. The rating is nearly finished though and Fan Mappack #2 will be available for download soon and the winner will receive his prize.

Furthermore we have really good news for you. sponsored a Teamspeak server for us that is now available for all of you. Use it to meet people from the community, just have a nice talk or enter the battlefield together. Feel free to join whenever you want at:

Teamspeak IP:

Join FH-Fan Teamspeakserver

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver German login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver English login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver French login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Polish login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Spanish login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Swiss login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver Turkish login

FH-Fan Teamspeakserver International login


Although we have no further mod development information for you today we hope you liked that update. Feel free to discuss it in the forums or on the Teamspeak server.

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