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Posted by: Eat Uranium
15.03.2020 20:00 GMT

Fight on land, in the sky and over the ocean
France is waiting. Are you ready for airborne action ?

After three months of mapping and development we are proud to offer another great FH2 campaign.

Experience the airborne battles of Normandy through the eyes of the
American 82nd Airborne Division or the German 130th Panzer-Lehr-Division
in 10 battles and enjoy great custom maps, most of them being exclusively edited for this campaign.

This campaign map list is set to include:
Overloon - Moerbrugge - Metz - Argentan
Montebourg Station - Hill 262
and others.

Get to know CMP's style: exciting battles, unbelievable comebacks,
outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 teamwork you can find.

In this FH2 Campaign you will experience:

   FH2 action to its limits, close rounds, sneaky / massive attacks and well organized defenses.
10 battles in the Normandy area, with custom content and maps you won't see anywhere else.
Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server.
Fight battles with up to 100 players.
Earn promotions and medals for your achievements.
Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers.
Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world.

Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome!

Click below to join the Campaign

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