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Posted by: Team
14.11.2003 22:00 GMT

Welcome to day 5 of The Road To 0.6 press release. Wait a minute... *scratches head*....

"Quazi turns away from the microphone and puts his hand over it. He then points offstage and signals someone to approach him. You see Rad stepping up onto stage towards the podium. Quazi looks shocked, and softly speaks to Rad but you can't make out what they are saying. Rad walks off stage, and Quazi removes his hand."

*AHEM, well I guess without further hesitation we will go ahead and showcase todays release. The FH DEV KIT for FH DEV CLASS is a revolutionary breakthrough in the modding industry. Pick up this kit and become the Super Bug exterminator. Eliminate buggy maps and Models in half of the time with the Bawls Caffeine drink!.

Class load out:
Primary weapon: "Shovel".
    Shovel away the hype crap that players scream at you for, and then pick another one to shovel. Also the Alt fire button on your shovel is for whacking Masi on the head when he says "I Don't Like It!".

Bawls Caffeine Drink:
    Do mapping, Meshing, Skinning and Coding in half the time, and work many more hours. Helps the whole team!

    Actually for work the next day after staying up till 4am working on FH stuff because you couldn't sleep due to the bawls. Also helps you deal with the impossible deadlines.

Field Manual: (Forgotten Hope Modding Teqniques For Dummies)
    Covers everything from how to open up 3DS Max to how to Save a file in 3DS Max.

Back Pack:
    Used for storing dirty laundry.. who's got time to do laundry?

    Well Rad haven't decided on a helmet yet... What do you think about something with oranges and grapes?


    Skin: Rad
    Model: Rad



    Mod Kit

    Forgotten Hope

Who needs info, when you can just read above!

Well that is all we have for today, be sure to check back tommorow wh~~! "Quazi looks over towards the side of the stage, he abruptly drops the microphone and runs off the other side of the stage. A few seconds later HORDS of Forgotten Hope members stampeed across the stage after him! You then hear screams of a little girl, and gunshots! You hear someone say "We Got Him!". All the sudden you see Master Minder walk up on stage and place the microphone back on the stand." MASI: That concludes todays press release, be sure to check back Saturday for another update!

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