Posted by: Eat Uranium
14.01.2024 19:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

A new year brings with it many new things, and with Forgotten Hope it is no exception. We are excited to announce that our Compagnons update 2.64 will be released on:

Tuesday 23rd January 2024

And to begin our usual news bonanza we turn to the first of 2 maps, Medjez El Bab. This map covers the important point in time when the French forces in Tunisia were forced to pick between loyalty to the German controlled Vichy government or the invading Allies. This map also features a 32 player layer covering later attempts by the British and Americans to recapture the town. Additionally, the map is fully supported for singleplayer.

After the Torch landings a race for key points in Tunisia followed as both allied and axis forces tried to establish themselves in the French protectorate. Caught up in the middle of this were the French forces in Tunisia, their loyalties torn between Vichy and De Gaulle. The French General Barré had attempted to delay the Germans through parley while backing from Tunis to the strategic crossroads town of Medjez-el-Bab and also arming his command with weapons and supplies that had been stashed away following the fall of France in 1940.

An ultimatum followed on November 19th; the French were to strike their colours before 7 AM or face a German attack. The French refused to fold, instead Barré made a call to French HQ in Algiers announcing both his return to the allied camp and the imminent destruction of his command. Only some British paratroopers managed to reach his positions at the time of the ultimatum.

Medjez El Bab was made by Ts4EVER. You can find the minimap and a preliminary vehicle listing here.

That's all for today, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our Discord, our public forums, our Twitter, our subreddit, and/or Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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