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Posted by: Team
30.10.2003 22:00 GMT

The FH Intelligence Division sends word via telegram. Here's what the it has to day.

Fellow Soldiers:
The new version 1.5 patch has been applied to numerous soldiers worldwide, many
of which have found themselves unable to wield Forgotten Hope specific vehicles and weapons. Lucky for those soldiers our intelligence division was right on time to fix these new found problems. The new 0.5E (HOTFIX) is out.

Also intelligence has pushed the Pacific Front further into the Philippine Islands. Soldiers are being deployed at this very moment. Be careful in taking the islands and be sure to work with your teammates. We are also working on new weapons of war for your use during these battles, be sure to keep a lookout for the next FH 0.6 patch which will include these new weapons of war!


Download Links: (Rainbow fighters)


Install order:

required: Battlefield 1.5
1) FH 0.5b main files  2) FH 0.5b map pack -> 3) FH 0.5c Patch  4) FH0 0.5d Patch 5) FH 0.5e Hotfix


FH 0.5e hotfix and update - 10/30/03 by: Team

Battlefield 1942 1.5 patch is coming soon, however FH 0.5d is incompatable with the new patch!
A hotfix will be available for download as soon as possible. In the meantime if you wish to play
FH 0.5d DO NOT install the 1.5 patch.

- Players
*Hotfix 0.5e will allow BF1942 1.5 compatiblity

- Servers
*Hotfix 0.5e (server) will allow you to host a BF1942 1.5 server

Please be patient as we correct these issues with the new patch. Please be aware that this is only a fix, this does not contain any new units.

But finally here some good news: 

Barracuda finished his Cromwell and Wellington skins - check them out! 


And Here some WIP renders of Manges  Opel Blitz, Isuzu Type 94 and GMC deuce and a half Trucks:


More informations about 0.5e soon!


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