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Posted by: BUG$
26.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back folks for our regular update. Before we start showing off new stuff we would like to mention two things:

First of all the Forgotten Hope Mod enlisted with the Mod Database. If you would like to vote for FH as your favourite mod you can do so here. With your help we might win the Golden Spanner Mod Awards 2004.

Second point to mention today is a new movie made with Forgotten Hope. It is called "Heinz and Werner 2" and we bet you will have a good laugh while watching it. Its size is 283MB and it has an overall playtime of  ~25 minutes. If you are interested you can download the movie at Filefront.

And now it's once again time for one of our special weeks dedicated to one topic:

The Panther Week!

Thx to McGibs we have an awesome header for this week's update. GI_JOEJK spent lots of time to create a horde of warbeasts. We thought that you would appreciate to have 0.66 sooner with less content so we decided not to add any more stuff (for sure we did not forget what 0.66 is supposed to be). That's the reason Panther A and Panther G won't be included in the upcoming release while the Panther D and the Jagdpanther will be part of 0.66 already.





Such beautiful eyecandy deserves a wallpaper - anything else would be heresy. Here you go with Lobo's newest composition.


That's all for this weekend folks, stay tuned for a 0.66 releasedate announced this week and be sure to discuss this news in our public forums.


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