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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
30.09.2004 22:00 GMT

Hello again from all of us on the Forgotten Hope Mod Dev Team! I've got yet another update for you all today, and i'll have another one again on thursday sometime during the day. Today We'd like to present the changelog for Forgotten Hope version 0.65, it's quite extensive as it's a list of all the vehicles we're added to the battlefield1942 game engine since the beginning. You'll be able to drive, fly, and fight with all of these vehicles on our more than 20 custom maps! This changelogs so big i'm putting it on it's own page so it doesn't clutter up the news!

Forgotten Hope 0.65 Changelog


Having trouble getting bit-torrent to work? Well fear no more, i've gotten some common download mirrors of the passworded .rar file. Remember that you will not be able to install or unpack the .rar file until friday when we release the password!

I also have another link from an asian hoster for the western pacific. Check that out below!


I also have three new renders to show off today, all of these vehicles you've seen but we felt it would be worth it to put them up here anyways so you can really see the detail of these vehicles! Below we have the Matilda with all 4 of it's skins, the schwimmwagen, and also the Willy jeep with rocket launcher.


That's all for now folks, but within the next 24 hours I'll have one more update to put up, then it's friday, and you all know what that means! Be sure to stop by our public forums below, and don't forget to get in on the irc channel for some good times!

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