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Posted by: BUG$
19.01.2005 12:25 GMT

We are a little late with this news newsupdate, however BUG$ was ill and not able to bring the news up in time. Anyway - news doesn't get a cold. As you all might have noticed our page is a lil' bit out of date. Currently we are working on a massive page update and we want to add much more information than we have now. For that reason we are going to integrate a custom maps section and our links section will be expanded to show Minimods, Clans, Communitypages, Tournaments and Moddingstuff. So if you have any useful information mail it to BUG$ so he can add all the stuff to the page.

But our homepage is not the only thing making good progress. The mod itself is doing even better. For today we have a small naval update for you including the "Depth Charge Projector Mark 6 Mod 1", commonly called the "K-Gun", that was used to launch the 300 pound cylindrical charge (Mk 6) or the 200 pound teardrop charge (Mk 9) and blast enemy subs. The model was created by Jackalx2k and the skin was made by Lobo.

Next thing to show is the IJN Tsurumi, a Japanese Shiretoko class oiler that had a maximum speed of 11 kn at a length of 143.5 m and a tonnage of 14.050 t, made by Messiha.

Last but not least we have a new East Front map for you. The battle of Seelow Heights took place in April '45 and was the last major battle between Russian and German troops before the Red Army reached Berlin. German troops tried to defend the hills of Seelow with a few PAK's and tanks against a far more numerous enemy. The map is brought to you by Turbo_Tiger.

That's all for today folks. Be sure to stop by Fileplanet's Best of 2004 vote, if you not already did and give us your vote. Feel welcome to discuss this news in our public forums and give us a visit next week.

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