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Posted by: BUG$
13.02.2005 22:00 GMT

Hello folks for today's news update. For this update we aren't showing any vehicles, maps or weapons but rather some nice statics that will bring even more atmosphere to Forgotten Hope. First of all, we have new French buildings, which you might have noticed on the screenshots for the new Battle of Foy already. These were created by Malsa, and as you can see by the number of buildings, he has been quite busy lately.

And now we want to bring you - especially mArs (you should remember him as winner of the mapcontest from which the maps will be coming to you soon) - the first part of the Fanmappack #2 prize. The Russian Orthodox church made by Malsa will adorn some upcoming East Front maps and is a real piece of art.

And there will be more stuff to enhance the East Front atmosphere. Don't say "Good bye Lenin" - wave hello instead to Lobo's new model.

We hope you enjoyed the news. Feel welcome to discuss this news in our public forums and be sure to give us a visit for the next news update from the Forgotten Hope Mod.

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