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Posted by: BUG$
28.02.2005 00:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back for another update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. There were many rumours flying around last week and many of you were probably wondering what was going on. Before revealing any news we would like to shed some light on recent issues and show that there is nothing to be concerned about.

During the time Forgotten Hope and Merciless Creations were working together, Merciless contributed some content to Forgotten Hope. When Merciless stopped working with Forgotten Hope, they gave permission for FH to continue using the content they had added, with no time limit specified.

Now MC has asked that Forgotten Hope stop using their content. Forgotten Hope has agreed to do so by time of the release of FH 0.7. Merciless has indicated that they are willing to help us by providing a detailed list of what they want removed. The Forgotten Hope team has already begun our own process of identifying and removing this material.

A lot more has happened in the last few days as well, so we have some more community information for you. First of all we received a message from leader Jacob who informed us a new version of the Forgotten Hope Movie Edition has been released. Basically, vehicles have been outfitted with extra positions that allow cool camera angles that stay in the same relation to the vehicle at all times. You might want to have a look at it here and maybe it will help you can make a cool movie with this clever Minimod. The Forgotten Hope Team would like to thank the members for the great addition.

After the good news for our directors and cameramen we have good news for all Portuguese-speaking players. Batalha pela Europa is a Brazilian tournament that is looking for players. But read yourself:

Batalha pela Europa is a war (on-line) fought by Allies and Axis on many different maps (the maps will represent a World War Two
campaign). The battle times are already scheduled, you don't need to pay to play, the registration is free. All you have to do is to show interest, register and play with the other members of your army for the final goal.

The second edition of the biggest Brazilian organized tournament is about to kick off and you can participate.

Batalha pela Europa #2 is a simulation of World War Two, organized by the tournament portal, Batalha pelo Mundo, using the popular DICE game Battlefield 1942, with the award-winning Forgotten Hope modification. With the pure essence of teamwork, action on first person view and specific strategies. You may fight as Axis defending the Normandy beaches, invade Italy with Brazilians, attack Berlin with Russian tanks, and much more.

* Fight with your men and grow through the ranks.
* Win medals and badges by dedication, claw, and teamwork.
* Be a member of an air, infantry or armor company.
* Fight on more than 100 custom maps all over the planet.

If you are interested give their site a visit at

More community news comes from the German FH community. Although seemed to have shrunk to only a forum they are now working on their new, updated homepage and are searching for volunteers who might help with research, coding, translation (as a multilingual website is planned) etc. If you are interested send them a note on their forums in English or German.

Finally we have an update about our own progress for you. As you might have noticed we have a completely new, hopefully up to date homepage for you. It was a long project taking almost 4 month and now the time for release has come. I would like to thank all my helpers. First of all, I want to thank StrangerThanFiction, because without him all of this would not have been possible. He did an amazing job on the graphics and deservers more than just a thank you. If we ever meet in RL, I owe you at least a dozen beers.

Also I would like to thank Rad and Lobo who were both more than diligent in creating render images and thumbnails for the pages and as you can imagine it was a huge job with all the handweapons and vehicles. Hartmann was a great help with checking vehicle and weapon values so that I was able to collect all the necessary information. Actually I have to thank the whole team for all the inspiration and ideas as well as for the help in correcting all my mistakes and adding their many languages to the page (to name them here Zero, Turbo_Tiger, Malsa, Lobo, Lude, Taranov and from the fans Breaker, Maximilian Weisemann, Orange and Frederiker). There are still some things missing so we were only able to launch with 3 languages in addition to English so expect more to come soon.

We hope you will enjoy all the new features and if there are any errors or additions (like more Fanmaps p.e.) feel free to email BUG$ about the issue.
[Note from STF: BUG$ forgot to thank himself for his many long hours creating an amazingly flexible, and updateable database and page system, collecting and entering a huge body of information for the site, as well as coordinating all the translations.]

Now all the general information are shown we would like to reveal some more of our mod development progress. First thing to show is a new map created by Turbo_Tiger. Across the western edge of the Ardennes massif runs the Meuse River. This river, throughout history, has been the natural line of resistance against an enemy advancing from east to west over the Belgian highlands. Within forty-eight hours of the launching of the 1944 Ardennes Offensive the Allied high command diagnosed the enemy intent as that of driving to the Meuse in the vicinity of Liege. You may take part in the battle on the side of the Allies to stop the invading forces or join the German attack to cross the river.




And last but not least, the most interesting bit of information for you. As you might have already read in the forums, Forgotten Hope 0.67 is almost done. Actually we need only to complete a bit more testing before we distribute the new version to you, in the coming week. But before we talk too much - here are the release time for Forgotten Hope Mod version 0.67:

Forgotten Hope 0.67 Linux Server (Full): March, 8th at 1800 GMT
Forgotten Hope 0.67 Windows Server (Full): March, 8th at 1800 GMT
Forgotten Hope 0.67 Windows Client (Update from 0.65 or 0.66): March, 8th at 2000 GMT

NOTE: FH 0.65 is at least required! FH 0.66 will do fine!  FH 0.67 is only a patch!!

Anyone who wants to provide us with a mirror is welcome to contact ArminAce via email ( with the subject "Want to provide FH Mirror". The more mirrors we have the better. So don't lose any time. Release is close.

Be sure to check out tomorrow's newsupdate to be able to get your copy of Forgotten Hope 0.67 And feel free to stop by our public forums to discuss this one. And rember that the Teamspeakserver is available 24h a day - and with a little luck you might find a dev who can answer some questions. ;)

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