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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
16.02.2004 22:00 GMT

That's right folks, we're back again with some more good news. Today we finished fixing the mod after the Battlefield 1942 v1.6 patch. Not only that but this is a unified installation of Forgotten Hope! This patch fixes the scoreboard issue inherent to most mods due to the 1.6 patch and includes some other minor fixes. If you haven't had the chance to try out Forgotten Hope yet then now is the perfect opportunity to do so and get your input heard before we make the 0.6 release which is fast approaching.

These are the files that you need to get in order to run the mod:

forgottenhope05b_1of2_main.exe (mirrors)



forgottenhope_fan_maps_V1.exe (optional if you want to try out the fan made maps)

Here's the low down on the installation order, the other patches which you can find in the downloads section are no longer necessary and will be taken down shortly. All you need to do is get the 0.5b main file and the 0.5b map pack and install this latest patch and you're all set to go! If you already have 0.5e and would like your scoreboard back just install the patch over your current installtion, it's that easy.

Ok and now onto the mirrors for the Forgotten Hope V05B to 05F upgrade.

From Edonkey (from
Main File 1: ed2k://|file|ForgottenHope05B_1of2_main.exe |450493712|E848B1946F20972D38653D4E0C1FFD06|/
Main File 2: ed2k://|file|forgottenhope05b_2of2_maps.exe |86548844|B6AC1DCF1DA70AB3E6A034EA6B7FC87E|/
Fan Map Pack: ed2k://|file|forgottenhope_fan_maps_V1.exe |188528589|FDCF4218660873CBEE053548F51FBD02|/
Patch v0.5B to v0.5f: ed2k://|file|Forgotten_Hope_V05B_to_V05F_update.exe |128935262|88C40D4F0085A815F3A2BF828976C2D6|/

bit-torrent link (from

Common Download Links:

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Provided by

Provided by

Provided by FilePlanet

Provided by BFworld

Well that's all for today ladies, but we'll be back again on friday for some more stunning updates. Be sure to stop by our public forums if you have any questions about the installtion at all here

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