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30.01.2004 22:00 GMT

As promised here I am again to enlighten you all about the fine world of Forgotten Hope. I'll start off just like last time with a couple short community type announcements.

The first thing of course is regarding the Battlefield v1.6 patch. So far it appears that the current version of the mod does indeed work under v1.6, although the scoreboard is not appearing ingame. So if you want to see your score you'll want to avoid installing the v1.6 patch. We'll inform you more as we find out more about the patch through testing and whether or not a hot fix will be necessary.

The second item of community news is another Forgotten Hope league. This time it's the Forgotten Hope Realism League, and you can find their site here, it's definately worth a look if you're interested in clan play. I've been informed that they have 4 clans running 8v8 matches at the moment, and are looking for more clans for their competitions, so don't be shy and check it out!

And now onto the part that you've all been waiting for these last few days, some more progress!

The first new item we have for you is the Wild Catfish. This is a seaplane varient of the Grumman Wildcat, completed by lobo and rad it's a grand addition to our seaplane force.

These next two renders tie into one of our new maps you'll see in 0.6, the new Stalingrad map which you saw in the video. If you didn't see the video with the new Stalingrad check it out here. These two new ships will ferry you to death, or to the motherlands victory comrades!


And finally we have eight ingame screenshots to display for you all. These shots show off the towable flak18 and also some of our new maps, including Arnhem, Stalingrad, and Carentan.




Well that's it again from the Forgotten Hope team, we'll keep you informed about the Battlefield v1.6 problems and see you again back here next week for some more progress on version 0.6!

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29.01.2004 22:00 GMT

This is B.F. Pierce filling in for a while on the news posting. Armin said if I do a good job he's gonna double my bread rations, so everybody say good words about me.

First things first, we've got a couple of Forgotten Hope community updates to inform you of:

First off a new league has started up, sponsored by Zen Gaming. Right now they offer a Forgotten Hope league to European members. So if you'd like to get in on some organized play stop on by their site and sign up!

Secondly FH nation has moved, their new site isn't up just yet, but we'll tell you when it is. You can however stop by their forums here and get yourself updated as to their status.

FH nation is also looking for people who can write in both German and English so that they can get a German and English version of their site up and running. Drop them a line if you're interested.

And finally what Forgotten Hope update would be complete without some ingame screenshots! These are the shots promised from day 17 but things have been a tad hectic over here. There will also be the standard update on friday, so lucky you, two updates in one week!

These first three shots are interesting because they show a few of the new things in store for you with 0.6. The first is a shot of the GMC Deuce and a half in action on wake. These serve as transport trucks in forgotten hope. There will be many different types of these trucks placed ingame for each nation, with functions such as healing, ammunition storage, and also mobile spawn points in some instances. The second shot shows our Grumman Wildcat in action over the redone wake island. Wake is now historically accurate, with the addition of accurate vehicles, terrain, and weapons of war. Included in the new Wake Island map are 5cm shore guns and also the addition of 3cm Anti Aircraft batteries, four guns controlled by a single player, and they are badass to be sure. The third shot shows the new deployable heavy machine gun kits, which can be picked up in many places on most of our maps. By deploying the machinegun and manning it you are now in a prone position, instead of sticking your head 4 feet in the air and exposing yourself. Upon exiting the manned position the gun is automatically picked up and added to your inventory so you can continue on your merry way of point defense for your team!


These last three shots are pure eyecandy, so enjoy!


That's it for today troops, but stay tuned for the next update this friday for some more information.

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28.01.2004 22:00 GMT

The 17th day of the Forgotten Hope Road to 0.6 press release is a unique one. Three weeks have passes since the promised beta video. Well the wait is over. But before you dive down to the bottom of this news post and grab the video clip Forgotten Hope has a few announcements to make.

Many avid fans have probably heard the rumors that the Merciless Creations team has left Forgotten Hope. Sadly this is true. Merciless Creations set out to add it's unique sounds and textures to Forgotten Hope. They accomplished this task with flying colors. Many of the unique sounds and graphics from MC have found their way into FH 0.6, unfortunately Merciless Creations has set it's sight on other goals. Merciless Creations has left Forgotten Hope, but their skill and talent will be seen in Forgotten Hope 0.6.

We know some of you lack the time or the bandwidth to download a movie. Therefore here are a few screen shots from the movie.

Size: 320x240 Codec: Divx 5.0 Runtime: 3 minutes and 47 seconds

Download: BF1942 Files
Mirror1: Planet Battlefield



Next we are showcasing a slew of screen shots from our beta testers. These will be uploaded later tonight, so be sure to check back then.

Forgotten Hope 0.6 is shaping up to be one amazing modification, we are still hard at work killing bugs and making the final version more playable for everyone. Be sure to check back often for more news and information.

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27.01.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome to Forgotten Hope (The Road To 0.6) Day 16. We have all been incredibly busy over the holidays with both real life and Forgotten Hope 0.6. Lucky for you all we have great news. We are currently compiling a 0.6 beta for our dedicated beta testers. Please do not ask to be a beta tester, all available slots have been taken. Sometime in the next week we will have a 0.6 video download, sporting game play with most of the new items we have been showcasing. Some of which are still too buggy or incomplete to be released to beta testers.

So what does this mean to me, you ask? It's simple, It means that FH 0.6 is closing in on your doorstep. It also means that FH 0.6 will be throughly tested for errors and bugs. Which (you guessed it), means smoother game play for everyone.

Be sure to check back soon to get a glimpse of what Forgotten Hope 0.6 entails.

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