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Posted by: BUG$
21.11.2004 22:00 GMT

First of all for today's news we need some help with the development of our mod. We are looking out for a very talented animation artist. If you think you can do the job and want to apply please send an e-mail to and include some samples of your work if available.

And now we would like to welcome you for another update. In the first place we would like to remind you of the ongoing map contest for Fanmappack #2. The deadline for submissions is next Friday, the 26th of November. So don't forget to send your map in in time for it to have a chance to be part of this pack. For the last tweaks of your map we have setup a new version of the Forgotten Hope Modding Tool Pack V1.1.

Download Mirrors:

In addition, we have some further information about our mod development progress. Everyone here is working hard and even Half-Life2 cannot hinder us -- although we have to admit it is slowing us down -- but only a little. After some problems with our current internal we are now on our way to complete the bugfixing. As mentioned many times before, 0.66 will mainly be a patch to fix major bugs - only new content that was completed before all bugs have been fixed will be included.

Not only our coders are working to ensure you get the patch ASAP. Our modelers are designing new content while skinners are improving and creating new skins. And our mappers are not idle either.

So now we'd like to show off some stuff that has just been finished. For today we have a new map, Kasserine Pass, that takes place in the year 1943 in the hills of Western Tunisia. The map was made by GI_JOEJK and depicts the first confrontion between American troops and a major German armored offensive.



That's all for today. But be sure to come back for next weeks news update and give our forums a visit to discuss this one.

You might think we always say this but:
Forgotten Hope is closer than you think. If the testing is turning out well, we are confident of releasing the patch within the next month.

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