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Posted by: BUG$
08.03.2005 20:30 GMT

Hello and welcome back for another news update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. As you know we released the latest version two days ago and it was a pleasure to see that there have been so many downloads already. The first rounds of the final version of 0.67 with all of you out there were really fun, although some of us thought we should spend more time on training--in order not to get shot so often by fans.

But it was not without some significant defects, as you might already know.Due to some last-minute distractions and server issues, a few major bugs managed to conceal their unwanted presence in the final version of 0.67. Thanks to all the feedback from the community we have been able to track down and eliminate the most serious ones.

Now that is done we are working on a hotfix for 0.67. This hotfix should be delivered to your favorite website by Friday evening.

Forgotten Hope 0.67a Server/Client (Hotfix): March, 11th at 2000 GMT

We apologize for the problems that appeared with Forgotten Hope 0.67 but hope you have had fun anyway. Be sure to check out Friday's newsupdate to be get your fix for Forgotten Hope 0.67. And feel free to stop by our public forums to discuss this update. And remember that the Teamspeakserver is available 24 hours a day - and with a little luck you might find a dev who can answer some questions. ;)

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