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Posted by: BUG$
25.04.2005 21:15 GMT

Hello and welcome back for another update of your favourite mod. First of all we would like to give you some more information on the upcoming map pack by Otolikos, which looks very promising. Four maps are included and we want to show you some images of the pending battles to fire you up in advance!

Otolikosís map pack will feature 4 maps at least including one battle that takes place at night. There will be two versions of Benouville (day and night battle at Pegasus Bridge) plus Ramelle Neuville (which some of you might remember as a prereleased beta from a while ago) and finally a map called In the Hell of Bocage. The Forgotten Hope Developer team is curious and excited about these maps and hopes you are as well. There is no release date announced yet, but it seems that Otolikos is almost done. Check our page later for more info about this topic or give his homepage itself a visit here. You can see many more screenshots there, but here is a preview already.

Ramelle Neuvielle† Benouville Day

Benouville Night In the Hell of Bocage

Also, we have some mod progress to show. Messiha last gave us the Japanese Shiretoko Class. Now it is time for a comparable German support ship. The Dithmarschen Class will serve the Germany Navy in reinforcing and repairing their fleet.



That's all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed the update. Stay tuned for more news next weekend and feel free to discuss this one on our public forums.

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