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Posted by: BUG$
30.05.2005 00:00 GMT

Hello folks, and welcome back for another update of the Forgotten Hope Mod. First of all we are proud to be able to tell you that our member Lude won the 3rd Peugeot Design Competition. He was able to prevail against 9 rivals with his idea after he made it to the finals before where only 10 out of 3800 entries from 170 countries were chosen for. We would like to pronounce our congratulations and our best wishes to our member and friend. You did a great job. Keep it going!


Next good news we have for you is that our team has grown by one member recently. The newest Padawan we have is K96 and he will work in the 2D & 3D arts. It is good to have him aboard as we will need lots of help in preparation for Forgotten Hope 2. You can look forward to some of his first efforts for FH in the near future.

And now it is time to show some more development progress. Many of you might remember the mapping contest a while ago. The price offered to the winner was a static and a vehicle of choice. The Orthodox church static was already shown in a former news update, but we still owe the winner mArs his vehicle. His choice was the Soviet T-26 tank used in the early war years mainly for infantry support. Montoya created this prize, so that contest winner could finally receive his reward. After heavy losses in early part of the German invasion, most T-26s were converted to artillery tractors and a few were even filled with explosives and used as radio controlled mines.

We saved the best for last - the introduction of the first armoured pieces for the Italian army. First of all we have the backbone of the army with the M13/40 tank. Weaker than the better German tanks, it proved to be unreliable and prone to catching fire, although it's 47mm cannon was good enough to deal with most of the British armor. For that reason the British used any of the M13/40s they could capture and had more than 100 hundred of that type in service. Forgotten Hope will have it in its service thanks to Montoya.

Later in war the Italian Army ceased the production of the Carro Armatos series tanks and used their chassis for the production of the Semovente da 75/18 Su Scafo M 41 assault gun. Based on the model of the German Sturmgeschütz III this vehicle was by far better than the CA. Armed with a 75mm cannon it was mainly used as artillery and tank hunter by the Italians. Later most were taken over by the German army, which used then primarily as long range artillery owing to the difficulty of maneuvering them in the mountainous regions of northern Italy. Once more a vehicle created by Montoya.

That's all for today folks. Stay tuned for more information about the mod development progress on the next weekend and give our public forums a visit to discuss this one.

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