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Posted by: BUG$ & StrangerthanFiction
05.03.2006 23:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we do have something to show for Forgotten Hope and Forgotten Hope 2. And as the last updates were rather short, today's news update will be something of a change of pace (but don't get too excited, this won't happen every week). But enough of long-winded introduction - time to unveil what we have got!

Usually you should save the best for the end. The exception proves the rule. And for that reason we start with a bang:
The Forgotten Hope Developer Team proudly presents a world premiere - the first working submarine for Battlefield 2™! Enjoy the hidden menace of the U47, created and Messiha and Lobo, a Type VII B uboat whose story we have already told in an earlier update.




Another boat of this class was the U48, the most succesful German submarine of World War II which sunk 51 ships for a total of 306,875 GRT (gross tons) and 1 warship for a total of 1,060 tons. Unusually, it was one of the few submarines whose fate was to be scuttled and not sunk. One of the reasons for the high rate of uboat loss is our next item of interest for today.

The Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber used by the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy until 1945 although it was already outdated in 1939. Despite its antique desgn, this biplane achieved some spectacular successes during the war. The most known event happened in May 1941 when a Swordfish torpedo hit the rudder of the German battleship Bismarck disabling its steering mechanism and thereby allowing the Royal Navy to intercept the Bismarck and sink this battleship. The Fairey Swordfish was modeled and skinned by Lobo. It was coded and normal-mapped byctz, who also created the Swordfish's 18-inch Mark XII torpedo.




You thought that would be it for today? Nope. We also, at last, have news about the upcoming Fan Mappack Version 6 for Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942™ for you. Today we'd like to present two of the maps it will include. The first is Tulagi Island, which you should remember since Mappack #3. It takes place in 1942 and, although the landings on Guadalcanal took the bulk of the ships and Marines of the Operation "Watchtower" invasion force, the assault on the small Japanese-held islands to the north produced by far the heaviest fighting. Tulagi--site of the British Solomon Islands' pre-war colonial center--and the nearby Tanambogo-Gavutu seaplane base were garrisoned by tough Japanese Special Naval Landing Force troops. There was to be no easy win for the American GIs. Tulagi was made by Real-BadSeed.





The second map we would like to preview today, Stashuv Area-1944, has never before been released in an official Mappack. This map takes place in the vicinity of Staszow, Poland, where the first King Tigers in service on the Eastern front saw action! Heavy armor battles took place between 11th and 13th of August 1944 involving Germany´s Schwere Panzerabteilung 502 and several Soviet tank battalions. In August, the retreating German forces were dug-in on the border between Poland and Belorussia in an attempt to delay the advancing Red Army. If they could hold their ground for long enough the German defenders expected to be reinforced by men and tanks of the SchwerePzAbt.502, which would enable them to launch a counter-attack. This is a push map - capture the flags in their numbered order, it takes 2 men to capture every flag. Stashuv Area-1944 was made by former fan mapper, and now FH developer Lili Marlene .






We hope you enjoyed the news and we are grateful that you decided to stop by the site and check on our progress, be sure to stop by our public forums and discuss today's news update.

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