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Posted by: BUG$
13.03.2006 20:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. As happenned last week we have something to show for both Forgotten Hope and Forgotten Hope 2 today. And luckily for you, today's news update will be a continuation of the pace we set last week for a short burst of speed.

We would like to start with some new stuff for Forgotten Hope 2 before we continue the preview of the next Fan Mappack for Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942™. To start with, we have two different versions of German antitank mines for you. The Tellermine 35 and the Tellermine 43, were both created entirely by renaissance modder ctz. The Tellermine 35 was introduced by the Wehrmacht in December 1935 and contained 5kg of explosive while having a total weight of 9.4 kg. A minimum of 90 kg of pressure was needed to activate the mine. For successor models, like the Tellermine 43(which was introduced in March 1943) this value had been increased to 210 kg as experience showed that the lower activation weight often resulted in premature detonation.

As almost 10 kg per mine means a lot of baggage, so for footsore German engineers a ride is always welcome. And which vehicle could do this job any better than the Sdkfz 251 "Hanomag" armoured personnel carrier? Starting development in 1937, the Hanomag was destined to become a workhorse APC in support of the Wehrmacht's highly mobile theories of war. Its primary purpose was to carry infantry into battle, but it was adapted for many other roles, including that of an antitank vehicle, a carrier of rocket artillery, and as a prime mover. The basic version carried one or two machine guns and had room for a squad of infantry. This is the version we show today, the SdKfz 251/1 Ausf C, which was modeled and skinned by K96, normalmapped by Rad and coded by ctz.


Furthermore we have additional news about the upcoming Fan Mappack for Forgotten Hope for Battlefield 1942™. Today we'd like to present three of the maps it will include. The first is Nuenen-1944, which was a selection from the the last Mappack. To give you a little background on the map: Nuenen was the scene of one of the many actions that made up Operation Market Garden. Late in the afternoon of September 20th the British 44th Royal Tank Regiment, backed up by American paratroopers of the 101st airborne division attacked the town Nuenen, in pursuit of retreating Geman forces. Unknown to the Allies, the defending German 107th panzerbrigade had just been reinforced, resulting in heavy fighting. Nuenen-1944 was made by mArs.




The second map we would like to preview today, Kiew, has never before been released in an official Mappack. This is a semi-fictional map that takes place during the huge 1941 operation that resulted in the capture of Kiev and the largest encirclemant of Soviet troops during the war. While German and Soviet troops are battling around the city of Kiev, German Fallschirmjägers drop behind Russian lines into an industrial district, to seize valuable assets before Soviet authorities can either remove or destroy them. Their mission is to secure the area ahead of the advancing ground troops, and the Red Army must do everything to stop them. Kiew is a mainly infantry map, and was made by former fan mapper, and now FH developer Lili Marlene .





The last map for today is Todtenbruch and it is new to the official Mappack as well. After suffering heavy casualties, following the 1944 Allied landings in Normandy, German forces had to retreat. In order to prevent Allied forces from entering German soil, they fell back to the fortified positions of the Westwall. On September 20th, the advancing American forces made contact with the German defensive line at the north western edge of Todtenbruch (Deadman's Moor). Todtenbruch, which was made by Knoffhoff is push map which features some special items like a camo helmet skin and an all new German egg grenade, modeled by Arisaka and skinned by Mr.Cheese.





We would like to thank for stopping by and would be glad to see you agai next week when it's time for another update. If you would like to discuss this one you are welcome to do so in our public forums.

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