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Posted by: B.F. Pierce
18.02.2004 22:00 GMT

It's that time again folks! First we'd like to inform you a bit about the progress of 0.6, currently we're working with version 0.58 internally which means were very close to a release. We're having some stability issues and some other bugs to work out, plus polishing off some things to do. We're currently in the process of debating possible release dates so once we have something solid we'll let you all know, so be sure to check back soonish, it's not going to be much longer till you have your hands on this sweet version of Forgotten Hope!

And now for some more progress renders.

First up is the reskinned Sdkfz222 mobile anti-aircraft truck with three different skins done by AceS and Toxikneedle.

Also a new toy for the Japense forces, the 25mm dual barreled anti aircraft cannon you'll see on the Pacific maps, useful for taking down those pesky american bombers.

Rad's been busy this past week, unveiling two new projects for use in 0.6. First up are wrecks of African buildings for some nice ambience on those maps.

And finally a neat vehicle you'll be seeing on any map that has a farm on it, the McCormick Deering tractors, these should be a lot of fun to steal and transport yourself to the combat zone.

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