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Posted by: Eat Uranium
22.08.2012 22:30 GMT

Today, we have an advertisement from World at War and Forgotten Honor's FH2Tournament:

Update 2:
  There is a second Hotfix available. (Hotfix 1 included)

This weekend, the newly formed FH2Tournament invites you to join us in our first public custom map event showcasing 5 custom maps spanning the Italian Campaign of World War II. These maps have been battled tested in several campaigns of the Forgotten Honor and World at War FH2 Tournaments.

As a special bonus we will be running the new 130 player player code which also allows 8 player squads. A big thanks to the developer Nemes1s and the FH2 devs involved in helping getting 64+ servers to work! This means even more epic battles on great custom maps!

Five outstanding custom maps are included in the event map pack.

Maps & content

  • Biazza (Biazza Ridge): US vs DE/IT

  • 11 July 1943

  • Infantry clash with armoured support

  • Etna Line (Battle of Troina): US vs DE/IT

  • 31 July - 6 August 1943

  • Large scale combined arms engagement focussed on a large town

  • Salerno (Operation Avalanche): US vs DE

  • 9 September 1943

  • Amphibious invasion of Salerno Harbour

  • Garigliano Crossing: GB vs DE

  • January 1944

  • Large scale combined arms around the river Garigliano

  • Operation Diadem: US/GB vs DE

  • May 1944

  • Nighttime infantry and tank skirmishes in mountainous terrain

  • Unique custom content:

  • - Mosquito, BF110 Fighter/Bomber Aircraft

  • - R71 Motorcycle

  • - Italian buildings and statics

Event Map Pack Download & installation:

  • Installer (recommended)

  • Rar file for manual installation (not recommended)

  • Hotfix 2 (please install after the main installer! Extract to your Battlefield 2\mods\fh2 directory and overwrite all files)

Simply download and run the installer. It will ask for the location of your Battlefield 2 directory. The maps and all required files will be installed. Your stock FH2 installation will not be interfered with. Apply the Hotfix after the installation.

Starting Friday, August 24th at

  • 18:00 - UTC

  • 21:00 - 9pm Eastern Europe

  • 20:00 - 8pm Central Europe

  • 19:00 - 7pm BST Britain

  • 15:00 - 3pm Buenos Aires

  • 14:00 - 2pm East Coast USA

  • 13:00 - 1pm Central USA

  • 11:00 - 11am Pacific USA

  • 04:00 - 4am Sydney Australia

The Event will continue all weekend from Fri August 24th - Sun August 26th. If the server happens to be empty, just load in and other players will join in no time.

Where (only 1 server will be available at a time, either F|H or WaW):

Forgotten Honor - F|H
FH2 Server: F|H Server (final server name TBD)

Teamspeak 3 Server: Forgotten Honor

World at War - WaW
FH2 Server: WaW Server (final server name TBD)

Teamspeak 3 Server: World at War Tournament

What is required to play:
Battlefield 2 patched to 1.50, Forgotten Hope 2 mod 2.45, event map pack (link above)

Some screenshots of the maps:

Biazza Ridge

Etna Line


Garigliano Crossing

Operation Diadem

Historical information about the battles the maps are based on:

Biazza (Biazza Ridge): US vs DE/IT
Armchair General
On July 11, 1943 another critical battle was fought on Biazza Ridge, which guarded the high ground overlooking the 45th Division landing beaches. At one point the morning of July 10 Gavin’s tiny band encountered a thirty-five man Italian anti-paratroop patrol.
At about 8:30 a.m. on July 11, as Gavin was headed west along Route 115 in the direction of Gela, he began rounding up scattered groups of 505th paratroopers and infantrymen of the 45th Division and successfully attacked a ridge that overlooked a road junction at the east end of the Acate Valley. It was called Biazza Ridge. Gavin established hasty defenses on the ridge, overlooking the road junction, Ponte Dirillo and the Acate River valley. Although he had no tanks or artillery to support him, he immediately surmised the importance of holding the ridge as the only Allied force between the Germans and their unhindered exploitation of the exposed left flank of the 45th Division and the thinly held right flank of the 1st Division. Against Gavin that day was the entire eastern task force of the Hermann Göring Division: at least 700 infantry, an armored artillery battalion, and a company of Tiger Tanks.

Etna Line (Battle of Troina): US vs DE/IT
The Battle of Troina took place between 31 July and 6 August 1943. The Battle of Troina began on 31 July, when the Germans repelled an advance by the 39th Infantry Regiment, a 9th Infantry Division formation temporarily attached to the 1st Division. This setback forced Bradley and Major General Terry de la Mesa Allen (the commander of the 1st Infantry Division), to orchestrate a massive assault. Over the next six days the men of the 1st Infantry Division, together with elements of the 9th Division, a French Moroccan infantry battalion.

Salerno (Operation Avalanche): US vs DE
Operation Avalanche - the main invasion at Salerno by the U.S. 5th Army - began on 9 September 1943, and in order to secure surprise, the Army decided to assault without preliminary naval or aerial bombardment. However, as amphibious force commander Hewitt had predicted, tactical surprise was not achieved. As the first wave of the U.S. 36th Infantry Division.

Garigliano Crossing: GB vs DE
In January 1944, the allies were held up in Italy on the Gustav line. The 10th British Corps had the task of breaking through on the southern flank, from the mouth of the Garigliano to Cassino, on the 17th January, to pave the way for the Anzio landing on the 22nd January.

Operation Diadem: US/GB vs DE
Also referred to as the Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino was an offensive operation undertaken by the Allies (U.S. Fifth and British Eighth Armies) in May 1944, as part of the Italian Campaign. It was launched at 2300 Hours on 11 May 1944 to break the German defenses on the western half of the Winter Line and open up the Liri Valley, the main route to Rome.

To read more, go to the forum thread here.

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