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Posted by: BUG$
12.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Welcome back for another interesting week folks. Today we like to show off some stuff for the Pacific theater, that should be back in working order, without any restrictions for the upcoming release, as well as a few new things.

But first of all it is time for something special. Besides exams I undertook a special project and, with a little help from StrangerthanFiction, managed to get finished just in time. Our suprise for today is a teaser movie for Forgotten Hope 0.66. The file is ready for download at our German sponsor which is worth a visit. Hopefully you will get an impression of the exciting Pacific battles coming up.


If you haven't stopped reading because of the trailer we have some more stuff to show. For an infantry army like that of Imperial Japan, small arms are especially important. Today we present the Type 97 grenade designed by McGibs as a toy for you to play with in the upcoming battles.

As in weeks past, we have a new map to showcase. Amid much heated discussion, we would like to present Battle Isle, created by Armin Ace. The map is set in part of the of Leyte campaign, in the year 1944 on one of the smaller islands near the Philippines. The US troops have just disembarked on the island and are face to face with two enemies - the Japanese Army and the dense jungle.






We hope you enjoyed this update. Please come back next week for another update of Forgotten Hope, and feel free to do so on the Teamspeak server or our public forums.

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