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Posted by: Team
15.11.2003 22:00 GMT

Welcome to day 6 of The Road To 0.6 press release. Today we have a special release for all the FH fans out there. This release comes directly from the community! Made by the fans, for the fans: The Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack V1. This map pack contains 9 custom maps for use with FH 0.5E! We ask that all servers consider using these maps in their rotation. As for the gamers themselves, this is a must download if you are a fan of FH. The maps require you to use new tactics, strategies, and teamwork to surpass your adversary.


The download comes in at 179mb (188,525,589 bytes), but don't worry we have plenty of mirrors for your convenience. We hope you enjoy this addition to FH 0.5E as much as we do. Grab it from one of the links below.

    FH Fan Mappack V1 Download Mirrors

    Gaming Servers Running FH Fan Mappack V1L #1 FHMOD (ip: : 14567)
    regenbogenkaempfer 2 (ip: : 14567)
    BF1.5 FH0.5e (ip: : 14567)

    Discuss The FH Fan Mappack V1 in the FH public forums!

    Well that is all we have for today, be sure to check back tomorow for another update!

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