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22.01.2024 21:00 GMT

Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we are nearly at the end of this set of Road to news, and as is typical we end on a summary of the new content coming in 2.64 Compagnons, but not before we get one last set of playermodels in.

The Tirailleurs Marocains were formed from auxiliary troops that had been formed in 1912 after the establishment of the French protectorate of Morocco. Their regular infantry units composed between 70 to 75% Moroccan soldiers. The various regiments would acquire some fame for their actions in the First World War and would also take part in various operations in the interwar period: the occupation of Rhenania, the Rif War and peace operations in Syria and Lebanon.

In 1940, 1er Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains fought at Gembloux and was caught in the Lille pocket, helping delay German forces from destroying the Dunkirk pocket. Reconstituted in June 1940, it would be a part of the Armée d'Armistice and fought against the Allied intervention in Syria and resisted the Allied landings during Operation Torch at Port-Lyautey. After the rearmament of the French forces in North Africa by the Allies, it would liberate Corsica in September 1943, breakthrough the Gustav Line in Italy then would join the fight in Alsace in late 1944 before taking part in the encirclement of the Black Forest and the campaign for Austria in 1945. Our RTM playermodels were made by CptBocquier, from our US playermodels made by Remdul, with accessories by Harmonikater and heads by DICE.

Finally today, we'd like to list some of the changes coming in Compagnons:

6 New playermodels and playermodel textures:

  • French Colonial Soldiers 1942

  • Free French North African Soldiers 1942

  • Tirailleurs Marocains 1944

  • Zouaves 1944

  • Polish Forces in the West 1944

  • Tropical Fallschirmjägers 1942

2 New maps:
  • La Hardt Forest

  • Medjez el Bab

10 New weapons, including:
  • Beretta 38/42

  • MG 34/41

  • RG-42 Grenade

  • Coupe-Coupe

  • M1921 Thompson

5 New vehicles:
  • M4A2 Sherman

  • Panzer I Ausf.B

  • Panzerjäger I

  • 7.5 cm PaK 97/38

  • 7.5 cm FK 231(f)

Reworked weapons and vehicles, including:
  • G41(W) revised bakelite handguard and bayonet

  • M1 Garand ironsight adjustment knob reworked to correct wartime version

  • M9 Bazooka added the shoulder rest

  • New Finnish textures for the 122/H38 and 45 PstK/37

Many further changes, including:
  • New high quality reticules for vehicles, snipers and binoculars

  • Adjustable sniper scope ranging

  • Leaning

  • New first and third person animations for several handweapons

  • Various code fixes and updates to solved problems and crashes

A more comprehensive list of changes can be seen in the Compagnons 2.64 Changelog.

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That's all for today, but be sure to come back tomorrow to join us on the servers. Until then, feel free to visit our Discord, our public forums, our Twitter, our subreddit, and/or Facebook pages to discuss this update and other news.

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