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Posted by: BUG$
19.12.2004 22:00 GMT

Nice to have see you are visiting our homepage for this week's update. For today, rather than showing one particular group of things we have some assorted stuff. Many people will be curious about which maps will be included with the official Fan Map Pack #2. Our initial evaluations have been made and we are ready to announce the maps that will participate in the 2nd round. Evaluation criteria have been the visual impression, performance, tactical gameplay (meaning balance, flow, etc.) and the quality of the general idea for the map.

Qualified for 2nd round of rating:
- Battle_for_ortona
- Burma
- Chartres
- Nuenen 1944
- Road_To_Ramelle
- Tali Ihantala
- Trois_Ponts

We hope the mappers whose maps did not make it into the 2nd round of rating are not disappointed. The Forgotten Hope Development Team would like to thank you for taking part in that contest and we really hope to see more of your maps in the next contest!
For the mappers whose maps made it into the next round, you will have another 2 weeks to overwork your map and tune it up a little bit. To be able to adjust your the maps to the upcoming version you will receive access to the latest internal betatest version. So don't lose any time and catch up with ArminAce. Afterwards we will playtest the maps once more, the winner will be declared, and he will be able to claim his prize:

He may request a static and vehicle which will be content of on of the upcoming Forgotten Hope release versions (not the Panzer III though :p) that he may use for one of his next maps. This must be a vehicle or static that could actually have been found on a Second World War battlefield, and must be of a reasonable scope (i e, a building, not a whole town). We reserve the right to turn down any request that we consider unsuitable or unreasonable, but we do not expect that there will be any problem, as long as the winner does not go off the deep end.  

For the mod development progress we would like to inform you about some stuff that has been completed in the last couple of days. First of all, a feature that was originally suggested in the forums made so much sense that we decided to include it. All the flag icons on the minimap have been provided with a transparency effect for 0.66.

But that's enough of text-only information. We also have some images for you. The good old Piat got a new face thanks to McGibs who redid the whole model.

And last but not least another suggestion out of the forums becomes real. It's getting hot with the Sherman POA, the US flamethrower tank used in the Pacific during WW2.




We're very grateful you decided to stop by the site and check on our progress, be sure to visit by our public forums and discuss this news update. The release date will be announced very soon so come back next week for another news update from Forgotten Hope.

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