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Posted by: BUG$
20.01.2005 20:00 GMT

Welcome back folks for another update of your favorite Mod Forgotten Hope.

"Infact, make this official, I will eat my hat if a Panzer 3 appears in next weekends news update.If it is I will post pics of the eating of the hat 8)"

First of all we have the Panzer III for you. Not the version that will be included in the upcoming releases (whenever - we are working on it) though... but the chance to see images of Capone eating his hat if an image of a Panzer III is released within this update... we could not withstand the temptation. :D
Capone's offer

As the title of today's news suggests, we are finally ready to announce the Winner of our Map contest for Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack #2. It was a hard decision to make--the maps for the final round were close competitors. Many test games and discussions were needed. Mars made the best map in our eyes and we are proud to announce Neunen-1944 as the best map sent in. And, of course, we we did not forget the prize we promised.

Mars may request a static and vehicle which will be in one of the upcoming Forgotten Hope release versions (not the Panzer III though :p) that he may use for one of his next maps. This must be a vehicle or static that could actually have been found on a Second World War battlefield, and must be of a reasonable scope (i e, a building, not a whole town). We reserve the right to turn down any request that we consider unsuitable or unreasonable, but we do not expect that there will be any problem, as long as Mars does not go off the deep end.

Please note that there will be final adjustments (mostly balancing issues) made to the maps so it will take a little more time before we will be able to release the Fan Mappack #2. But to bridge the waiting time we will release 3 news specials for two maps a day each. So come back next week to see some screenshots of the maps.

Next item we have got for you is that we traded some content with Battlefield 1918. In exchange for the flamethrower effect, Forgotten Hope received the German P08 Luger and the French Ruby pistols.

But we do not only have new content from trading. Montoya has been busy lately and created the British Bishop, a self propelled artillery vehicle armed with a 25 pdr.


Last but not least we have a revised version of the Battle of Foy for you. Situated along the Houffalize-Bastogne road, the small village of Foy is one of the last communities before reaching Bastogne. It is well-known that the city of Bastogne was a key location to both sides during the 1944-45 Ardennes campaign. The Allies needed to keep control over the roads in the area while the Germans needed to clear them, in order to push on to the river Maas and finally reach Antwerp. The map is brought to you by ArminAce.




We'd like to thank you for stopping by our site. Feel welcome to discuss this update in our public forums and come back to visit the coming week to have a first look at the maps of Fan Mappack #2 and of course some more information about the upcoming Forgotten Hope Version 0.67, which should be released very soon.

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