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Posted by: BUG$
21.01.2005 20:00 GMT

As already mentioned last news update we would like to give you a first look at the maps from the upcoming Fan Mappack #2. Today we have three maps: Burma, Chartres and Tali-Inhatala for you. So sit back and enjoy...

The first map to showcase today is Burma, which is taking place where you might expect. It should offer some interesting action between the Japanese and British forces.

Second map for today's news update is Chartres. German troops try to defend a small town while the Americans must struggle to get all outposts under control.

And last but not least, Tali-Inhatala, a Northern map depicting a clash between Finnish and Russian forces. The battle takes place during the night and has an appealingly sinister atmosphere.

That's all for today folks. Feel welcome to discuss this news in our public forums and be sure not to miss part 2 of the showcase of the Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack #2 maps.

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