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Posted by: BUG$
24.01.2005 20:00 GMT

As we promised in the last news update, here is part two of the maps for Fan Mappack #2. Welcome back and enjoy the show!

We will start right off with the winner of the mapcontest, Neunen 1944, because we think you will be interested in this map most. Your first impression might be "Oh my god - another 1944 map". Well - on the surface you may be right. But why are there so many 1944 maps going on in Western Europe? Because it was the most active period for combat on the Western Front. The 1940 invasion of French was over quickly and until 1944, no major Allied forces returned to French Soil. In any case the good news is that it is not the Americans fighting the Germans. This map will put the British into action in Holland at the scene of one of the many actions that made up Operation Market Garden.




Don't expect the next map to be second place, because, as you might know "2nd place - 1st loser". For that reason there is only one winner. The following maps are in alphabetical order so there is no ranking or whatever here. The next map for today is Road to Ramelle, which pits American against German forces as part of the struggle for the Cotentin Peninsula following the invasion of Normandy, around the fictional town of Ramelle.




Last map for today is Trois Points which takes place in winter with the Germans on the one side versus Americans on the other. Trois Points was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting of the Ardennes offensive. Prepare for intense artillery battles in a foggy area.




Now you have seen all the maps coming up with Fan Mappack #2. Feel welcome to discuss this news in our public forums and be sure to give us a visit with the next news update from the Forgotten Hope Mod.

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