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Posted by: BUG$
31.01.2005 20:00 GMT

Welcome back for a news update whose content some of you may have seen already. Actually we wanted to keep them for a special event but sneaky fans were able to spy it out before. So no Valentines on Valentine's Day and we speculate that most of you already guessed about them when we showcased the Bishop. We hope you will like the great work anyway Montoya put into making the Valentine Mk II and Valentine Mk III.


Now everyone had a chance of having a look at the new Valentine. Feel welcome to discuss this news in our public forums and be sure to give us a visit for the next news update from the Forgotten Hope Mod which will be a little bigger than this one. If you want to complain about the "size" of this one keep in mind that you got two updates already this week.

And what has Barney to say?
"Don't spy us and get more". With this in mind... cya next week ;-)

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