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Installing and setting up the bf2editor.

by Caeno, Lobo and Fenring


Install the bf2editor

The latest version can be found here:
bf2_editorsetup_v1.3.zip (

You should have no problems installing this on Windows XP 32bit, just extract the zip archive and run the setup, of course you need battlefield 2 installed first. There are some problems with newer versions of the windows operating system:

  • Windows XP x64: you must run the Setup file in windows xp compability mode.
  • Windows Vista all versions: you must run both the Setup and bfeditor.exe in windows xp sp2 compability mode.
  • Also the editor runs much more instable on Windows Vista, the Forgotten Hope developers do not recomend using the bf2editor and debugger on Windows vista.

The editor can be found in Your Battlefield 2 Directory after install, a desktop or start menu shortcut is NOT created.

Battlefield 2: http://files.filefront.com/Battlefield+2+Light+Map+Samples/;3994655;/fileinfo.html
Copy the files LightmapSamples01.zip,LightmapSamples02.zip and LightmapSamples03.zip to your battlefield 2/bf2editor directory (DO NOT unzip them)

Forgotten Hope 2: http://xfh2.ifihada.com/betatester-samples/fh2-samples-1.0.046.zip Extract and copy the "objects" folder to your battlefield 2/bf2editor/ directory.


Extract client archives

To make the bf2editor work with Forgotten Hope 2 we must first extract the client archives into folders, otherwise your editor will crash on startup, go to your battlefield 2 directory and mods/fh2:

If you get a "File already exists" click "Yes to all" to overwrite


You should now have these directories in your mods/fh2 directory


Object spawners

Now we must install the Forgotten Hope 2 objects spawners, otherwise you cant place tanks, airplanes or other players controlled objects. Download the fh2_spawners.zip and extract to your and copy to your battlefield 2 directory.

Now you should have a FH2 directory in your bf2editor folder


Now you should be able to start the bf2editor and selecting mod "fh2"


If you get a error you must probably have missed something in the extraction steps, or forgotten to install the object spawners.


Load all mod content

Well inside the editor select the Mod Manager, check all content and click ok, this can take a while be patient.


Congratulations you can now begin your mapping for Forgotten Hope 2



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