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Simple lightmap setup

by Lobo and Fenring


First we set the sun so that it matches your skybox, place the sun in center of camera and "Set Sun Direction To Camera".

The lightpresets are a fine start we select "Day" for this map.

Then select the lightsettings object mode, otherwise your shadows may appear to dark:

Settings should be changed to day now with 8 GILights:

Now save the ambient object lightsettings:

To avoid having our shadows to dark, we must activate GIFillItensity to a slightly higher value. The editor doesnt save this settings and you must run this commando every time you load up the editor with the intention of generating lightmaps.

Always render just a single object to test the lightmap settings, a full object lightmap process of an entire map can easely take two days even on newer computers! You must restart the editor after ligthmapping the object to see the changes.

Quite huge differences with small setting! Small tutorial but this should keep you out of lots of unneccesarry trouble.


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